Solider Sysytem

Soldiers Modern constructions incorporate unlimited techniques to construct various structural elements. This system designed to cover wide ranges of construction and to withstand the high pressure exerted while pouring concrete members. The soldiers which is produced in many lengths, can be assembled in combination to suit any heights of pouring. Clear unobstructed webs provide for easy fixing of tie systems, which means infinite flexibility in design. On the other hand, the holes in the web provide additional options for fixing and also for accessories. The comprehensive range of accessories enable the system to assemble rigid structures used for both temporary and permanent works. The system can be used for extensive applications, e.g. single or double soldiers shuttering system, inclined support, vertical shoring, horizontal support, supporting beam, and as space frame.


Tie rods have been specifically designed to match the load capacity of the soldier. The tie rod is 17 mm in diameter and uses a self cleaning coil thread to reduce the maintenance cost. The full of 60 kN permissible load can be carried at any position along the soldier, and does not decrease with higher bending moment. Access brackets can be fitted to the soldiers at any heights to form a conventional platforms for the pouring of concrete. On higher forms platforms on another level can be provided to enable the fixing and removal of ties in complete safety. To support the forms during erection and between uses, stabilizers can be fitted. These have a wide base for safety and are easily adjustable for angle. For higher pours or when extra safety is required, inclined struts can be used as push-pull props.

Soldier System – Features and Benefits
  • Wide range of sizes (any size can be accommodated)
  • Extensive Accessories
  • Versatile
  • In ladder frame
  • Full design flexibility
  • Less labor work (manpower and time
  • Quick forms removal and placement
  • Excellent face surface of concrete
  • Higher pressure can be accommodated
Vertical Shoring

Soldiers can be used as heavy duty vertical shores. In this application the system can achieve up to 100 kN depending on the un-braced length portion of the soldiers. Conventional scaffolding tubes can be used to brace the soldiersÕ structure for extra stability. The system provides safety and simplicity in erection and service stages. By adding the adjustable shoring adapter at top and bottom with the heavy duty forkhead at top, efficient shoring system can be formed to support very heavy loads. Many other uses can be covered by this system such as a back-propping for heavy loads in site location, support of pre-cast units, temporary support during steelwork erection operations and many more applications

Horizontal Shoring

In this application the system used to provide safe and heavy duty struts for excavation works or to support existing building during reconstruction. Special plates are erected at ends to ensure maximum safety in use. The socket fits over the end of shoring adapters and the angle ledge ensures that the shore is supported safely on the waling timber or steel. 1-5)

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