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COLUMN CLAMPS Consist of four arms manufactured from 6mm and 8mm flat mild steel to suit a wide range of Column dimensions as given in the table below

Metals and Metals International are quickly adjusted and secured to ensure absolute rigidity of steel and timber formwork for concrete columns, beams, hanging soffits and castings to steel stanchions.

They save time, labour and materials by completely eliminating the cutting to waste of timber and eventual deterioration and scrapping of materials.

The arms of all three sizes are interchangeable and suitable for square and rectangular sections

The slot arrangement allows for simple, speedy and accurate adjustment to any dimension within the size range.

There are no loose parts to be lost or mislaid and the Clamps can be used an unlimited number of times.

Wedges are secured to the arms by a flexible galvanised steel wire instead of the usual chain and ring

The greater strength and pliability of this wire provides the solution to the perpetual and costly problem of broken chains and lost wedges


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