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Pressed Double Coupler is used for joining 40 mm NB tubes at 90 degrees angle to other tubes, ledgers or props.
Size :
48.3 X 48.3 mm O.D.
48.30 X 60.30 mm O.D.

Pressed Swivel Coupler is used for connecting 40 mm NB tubes at any angle other tubes, ledgers or props for diagonal bracings.
48.3 X 48.3 mm O.D.
48.30 X 60.30 mm O.D. }
Sleeve Coupler designed with wrapping facility for end to end connection of any Scaffold tube to form a butt joint connection. Suitable for joints where tension will be developed in the tubes. `

Forged Double Coupler provides stronger grip easier to handle when connecting standard or ledger to ledger or to any tube at right angle.

Features the same facilities as the pressed type except that it is designed with added grip strength and easier to handle




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